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James Bond 007 Moonraker is one of four "James Bond 007 Deluxe Talking Storybooks" published in North America in 1985 by Kid Stuff Records & Tapes, under license from Danjaq and Glidrose Publications. Its plot is essentially a re-imagining of the final act of the 1979 film of the same name. The paperback book and its accompanying cassette tape was written and produced by John Braden.


The book begins with British agent James Bond imprisoned by megalomaniac, Hugo Drax, in a blast pit under one of his Moonraker space shuttles. Bond narrowly escapes being burned alive by the exhausts of Moonraker 5, which is carrying Drax, and sneaks aboard Moonraker 6. The shuttle takes him on a pre-arranged flight program to Drax's Space Station. Once there, he is spotted by a guard and the alarm is raised. Drax holds him at gunpoint with a laser pistol and explains his plan to poison Earth's atmosphere with a nerve gas; wiping out the human race and repopulating the planet with his "superior" human specimens. Before he can shoot Bond, the spy tricks him into allowing him to check the time on his wristwatch - shooting a dart into the villain's chest. Bond ejects him into space and then sets about destroying the station's radar jamming equipment with the pistol. Several hours later, Bond watches from a porthole as the U.S. marines take the fleeing Drax crew into custody.




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