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Mr Chang is the fictional hotel manager of the Royal Rubyeon Hotel in Hong Kong. However in reality, Chang works for Chinese Intelligence. He appears in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day and is portrayed by Hong Kong actor Ho Yi.


After escaping his cell aboard a MI6 ship based in Hong Kong harbour, Bond lands at the Hong Kong Yatch Club in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island and proceeds to the Royal Rubyeon Hotel.

His appearance unkept from months in confinement (soaking wet, with a heavy beard, long hair and still wearing the pyjamas from his detention by MI6) he asks the hotel clerk for his usual suite. The man replies with pompous contempt, sarcastically asking if he has a credit card or even luggage. After recognizing Bond, Mr. Chang, the manager of the establishment, warmly welcomes him and rebukes the clerk; making the hotel's Presidential Suite available to him. Whilst in his room Chang sends another Chinese operative - posing as a masseuse - to probe Bond for more information.

Despite initially going along with the play, Bond uses the opportunity to disarm Peaceful Fountains of Desire, stripping her of the pistol concealed in her thigh holster. He then throws an ashtray into a two-way mirror, revealing a hidden compartment from where Mr. Chang and his colleagues were secretly filming the pair. After Bond convinces Chang that Zao is their common enemy, he arranges for him to travel to Cuba in pursuit of the North Korean agent.


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