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Mr. Ling is a fictional Chinese nuclear fission specialist who is employed by bullion dealer Auric Goldfinger. He is the former quaternary antagonist of the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. Portrayed by the late British actor Burt Kwouk, the character would later be re-imagined for Activision's 2012 James Bond video game 007 Legends, voiced by Orion Lee.


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Mr. Ling is a Chinese nuclear scientist and a representative of the Red China governement who is secretly helping Auric Goldfinger to topple the gold market by supplyng him with a nuclear device. He is witnessed overseeing the operation of the industrial laser that nearly bisects James Bond, and later, during the raid on Fort Knox, the scientist is seen arriving and supervising the priming of the atomic device intended to irradiate the gold reserves therein.

Near the end of the film, Goldfinger, disguised as an American army officer, shot Ling downward to convince the incoming troops that he is on their side.

Alternate continuities

In 2012, Mr. Ling in the Goldfinger level of the video game 007 Legends where he is a North Korean agent and expert in nuclear fission who is assigned to assist Auric Goldfinger in his planned attack on Fort Knox. He is first seen talking to Pussy Galore, who wants the report on the gas containers, but he tells her that he only listens to Goldfinger and she tells him that he has thirty minutes. Ling later appears with Pussy and Goldfinger about he ignoring her and Goldfinger tells her that Operation Grand Slam will go on with or without her help. He is last seen in the passenger seat of James Bond's Aston Martin DBS V12, holding him at gunpoint with a Walther P99 and tells him to drive back to the complex.

As he drove on, Bond tells him to fasten his seat-belt and quipped "I wouldn't want to lose a passenger", and pressed the passenger ejector seat button on the gear nob, releasing Ling from the car, killing him.