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Mya Starling is a fictional American intelligence operative in the employ of the NSA. The character appears in Electronic Arts' 2004 James Bond video game Everything or Nothing and was portrayed by American musician and actress Mýa Harrison.

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Mya is an NSA agent who helps Bond to investigate Arkady Yayakov in New Orleans. As the NSA's primary agent in New Orleans, Mya assists James Bond in his quest to prevent Diavolo from fulfilling his evil plans. She works undercover as a singer in a nefarious nightclub connected to Diavolo, and she soon finds herself in the line of fire as she helps 007 gather information.

Everything or Nothing

Mya is set up to Rendez-vous with James Bond at a park in New Orleans, but is caught up in her cover occupation as a singer at Arkady Yayakov's night club: "The Kiss Kiss Club". While she cannot meet Bond in person, she calls him to tell him to get into Yayakov's warehouse. She tells him that the warehouse gets deliveries every day, and that a delivery truck headed for the warehouse is stopped at a local diner. When Bond arrives at the club, Mya's cover has been blown, and she has been captured by Yayakov, who drags her a graveyard where she is handed to Jean Le Rouge, who prepares to incinerate her in the cremation chamber. Bond rescues her, and the two then travel to an MI6 safe-house in a limousine that they discover houses a bomb that will detonate if the car slows down. Mya is able to defuse it, and they reach their destination safely. At the safe-house,M tells them to leave immediately, as their its location is no longer secure. Bond then takes Mya back to her home, where the two part ways.



  • Fellow Bond girl actresses, Shannon Elizabeth and Mya, would also both reunite to appear a year later after the release of this video game as two friends (and eventually victims) in the Wes Craven werewolf horror film Cursed.