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Nikki van der Zyl (b. 27 April 1935, Berlin, also known as Monica van der Zyl) is a German voice actress most famous for providing the voice of Ursula Andress in the movie Dr. No. She also revoiced all the other female voices in that same movie, except that of Miss Moneypenny (played by Lois Maxwell) and that of Miss Taro (Zena Marshall). Van der Zyl also worked as a dialogue coach who assisted Gert Fröbe, whose English was limited, for the Bond movie Goldfinger. Currently, she works as an artist, poet, and public speaker. Her father was Rabbi Dr Werner van der Zyl.


In January 2013 published her book For Your Ears Only but a week later it was pulled from sale after an injunction was lodged and upheld.

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