North Korea is a country in Eastern Asia. As a hereditary single-party state under a communist-like totalitarian dictatorship, it was divided through the DMZ (A long strip of land protected by heavy weaponry and minefields) from South Korea, its southern democratic neighbor. Its capital is Pyongyang and its currency is the Korean won.

During the events of Die Another Day, James Bond and a team of South Korean agents infiltrate North Korea to shut down the operations of Colonel Tan-Sun Moon, son of General Moon who was smuggling illegal weapons across the DMZ for his own usage against the South. When Bond's cover is compromised, he destroys Moon's headquarters and pursues the ambitious colonel across the DMZ, resulting in the latter's apparent death over a waterfall. Bond is subsequently captured by General Moon and held captive for fourteen months before he is bought out of custody by MI6.

Colonel Moon, now living as wealthy entrepreneur Gustav Graves resurfaces and intends to use his superweapon Icarus to lay waste to the minefield along the 38th parallel. The officers loyal to Graves stage a coup against the government and imprison General Moon before moving ahead with their invasion of South Korea. Bond and fellow NSA agent Jinx are tasked with killing Graves and disarming the weapon before North Korea can make its move. Icarus lays waste to the Allied forces stationed along the border as Bond corners Graves on his private plane, just in time to witness the murder of General Moon when he opposes his son's actions. Bond succeeds in killing Graves and shutting down Icarus, thwarting the North Korean invasion.

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