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Number Three was the code number of a fictional unnamed operative of the secretive criminal organisation, SPECTRE. A supporting antagonist portrayed by the late British actor, Burt Kwouk, he appeared in the 1967 James Bond film, You Only Live Twice. To date, across the franchise as a whole, there have been two individuals who have held the number "3":


Number Three is present in Blofeld's volcano lair control room, when it is revealed that SPECTRE enemy James Bond is still alive. The unnamed operative also provides some of the Tannoy voice overs along with another agent. After the lair is attacked by Tiger Tanaka's ninja army, the control room explodes during the battle, killing the SPECTRE operative. When Bond is trying to disable Blofeld's Bird One spacecraft, Number Three's body can be seen slumped over the control panel. Bond then throws his body into a nearby chair while he blows up Bird One

Behind the scenes

Burt Kwouk also appeared in Goldfinger as Mr. Ling.

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