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The Octopus Cult is a cult of stray women who live on an isolated island in India, called the floating palace. The secret organization appears in the 1983 James Bond film, Octopussy. Although the cult is primarily comprised of female members, there is a small number of male associates, who are not directly part of it.


Octopussy mentions that when she needed an organization for smuggling, she "revived the old Octopus Cult", indicating that there has been a similar cult in the past.

The girls who comprise the cult usually have had some kind of troubled past, and are often in need of a guru or spiritual discipline. Octopussy states to James Bond that she trains them, giving them "sisterhood and a way of life". In reality the cult members help within the jewel smuggling ring Octopussy runs with Kamal Khan. They are fiercely loyal to Octopussy, helping defend her home when it is attacked and later participating in a revenge attack on Kamal Khan's palace. Much like Octopussy herself, the girls are not villainous or malevolent.

Octopussy's circus

They also hold various positions in Octopussy's circus and presumptively all her legitimate businesses, including shipping, hotels, carnivals and circuses. Many of them are highly trained gymnasts and are capable of fighting using their circus acrobatics, and also act as guards for their floating palace.

Magda also has their emblem, a tattooed blue-ringed octopus, tattooed on her posterior, however it is unknown if this applies to all cult members.

Known members