Olivier Cesari, professionally known as Le Gérant, is the main villain in the 2001 James Bond Novel Never Dream of Dying by Raymond Benson.

Novel Biography

Never Dream of Dying

Cesari is the son of Corsican Mafia member and perfume business legend Joseph Cesari and a Berber girl whom he raped. He was raised in the Berber culture until he was eight years old and his father took him to live with him. While with his father, Cesari learned that he was a type of Corsican psychic called a Mazzere. This means that in his dreams he is a wolf stalking various other animals, and that when he catches them they will die. Cesari then lived in Corsica and France until his graduation in 1970 from a university in Paris, after which all information on his came to a halt. It is however revealed that after his "disappearance", he returned to Morocco to live with his mother. In 1973, Olivier's father was found dead with his throat cut ear to ear, the trademark of The Union). Back with the Berbers, Cesari became a sort of folk hero, and was generous enough with the money he had earned and provided employment to so many people, that they would do what he asked without question.

Under the alias Pierre Rodiac, Cesari makes fortunes at a casino in Monaco. While at his father's home in Corsica, he captures James Bond and tortures him after telling him his plan to finance and arrange for Goro Yoshida an attack on the Cannes Film Festival. During another torture session, Cesari reveals to Bond that In his dreams he has been chasing a "majestic stag" whom he believes represents Bond. He eventually dreams that he has killed the stag and lures Bond into a cove under his house, where He reveals his relation to Marc-Ange Draco and flees. Cesari tries to escape the area in a helicopter but Bond destroys it with a grenade launcher, killing Cesari in the process.

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