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The Osato Chemicals and Engineering is a large fictional multi-national company that supplies chemicals and engineering equipment. Founded by CEO Mr. Osato, the firm is employed by the criminal organisation SPECTRE in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice.


Osato founded the company after the end of World War II in his youth. He built up the company up to become a leader in the field and was seen as a revered person. Tiger Tanaka described him as being one of the most honourable men in Japan.

The company used its affiliation with SPECTRE to expand and produce products for them, increasing business output. By the time that Ernst Stavro Blofeld was using Japan as a base to ignite a nuclear war between the United States and Soviet Union, Osato Chemicals main office was infiltrated by James Bond, who made off with secret papers.

Bond later returned, under the guise of British businessman "Mr. Fisher" and met Osato in person. While there, he meets Helga Brandt, a SPECTRE agent working for Osato, who botches an attempt to kill Bond.


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