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"The Admiral thought for a moment, as if polishing burrs off his reply. ‘Our mission,’ he said, ‘is simple. We protect the Realm . . . by any means necessary.’"
― Carte Blanche.[src]

The Overseas Development Group (ODG) is a fictional covert British government agency. The organisation first appeared in Jeffery Deaver's 2011 James Bond continuation novel, Carte Blanche.


Officially the ODG assists British-based companies in opening or expanding foreign operations and investing abroad. In actuality, it is a covert operational and tactical unit of British security operating largely independently but ultimately under the control of the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Formed to serve as a modern-day version of the World War II-era Special Operations Executive espionage and sabotage group, the ODG's mission is to identify and eliminate threats to the United Kingdom by extraordinary means; quite simply to "protect the Realm...by any means necessary." It is not an intelligence-gathering organisation and instead is supplied intelligence from MI6.

Tucked away inconspicuously in the hierarchy of the FCO, the ODG operates from an office building near Regent's Park, London–specifically, in a narrow, six-storey Edwardian building on a quiet road, just off Devonshire Street. It is separated from bustling Marylebone Road by a lacklustre, but camouflaging, solicitors' quarters, NGO offices and doctors' surgeries.

Known members and associates[]

  • M – The ODG's director-general is a retired Royal Navy admiral known only as "M."
    • Moneypenny – The secretary to the ODG's director-general.
    • Lieutenant Colonel Bill Tanner – Chief of staff.
    • Commander James Bond – Bond is an agent with the "00 Section" of O (Operations) Branch of the Overseas Development Group. His OC, or official cover, within the ODG is as a "security and integrity analyst" whose job is to travel the world and assess business risks.
    • Mary Goodnight – The secretary to the 00 Section, which includes James Bond.
    • Sanu Hirani – Head of the ODG's Q Branch.
    • Ophelia Maidenstone – An MI6 intelligence analyst stationed with the ODG as a liaison officer.


A graphical illustration of the ODG's organisational structure and its relationship to other governmental departments under the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Jeffery Deaver's continuity.

Division Three
A Branch
P Branch
O Branch
Q Branch
T Branch
C Branch
I Branch
00 Section