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Penelope Smallbone is a fictional British Secret Service secretary and assistant to Miss Moneypenny. The character briefly appears in the 1983 James Bond film, Octopussy, and was portrayed by British actress Michaela Clavell.


On returning to London, James Bond meets assistant secretary, Penelope Smallbone, for the first time. Expecting only Moneypenny, he jokingly quips "you become more beautiful every day", as he hangs up his hat. Flattering both women, he hands a single red carnation to Moneypenny and the remainder of the bouquet to Miss Smallbone; welcoming her to Universal Exports and prompting the elder secretary to retort "Take it dear, that's all you'll ever get from him". Smallbone appears to be equally smitten with Bond, despite a thorough briefing on the subject by Moneypenny.

Behind the scenes

Michaela Clavell, who portrayed Penelope Smallbone, is the daughter of famed British writer and director James Clavell.[1] The filmmakers considered making Miss Smallbone a recurring character who would take over when Lois Maxwell left her role.[1] Despite this, the character appeared only once and was never seen again.


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