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Pharaoh Fearo was a fictional Egyptian felon and member of the criminal organization, SCUM. The character first appeared in Episode 4 ("Shifting Sands") of the 199192 spin-off animated television series, James Bond Jr. and was subsequently adapted for John Vincent's accompanying novelisation, Sandblast!


Pharaoh Fearo was an Egyptian criminal with pretensions of royalty. Believing his family to descend from the ancient Pharaohs, he was attired in ancient Egyptian ceremonial clothes, with a nemes crown and a false beard. His subordinates were similarly clothed, adorned with his symbol, the black scarab. Operating from an underground warship named the Subterranean, Fearo planned to reclaim his supposed inheritance: the treasures of Pharaoh Hiphurrah and the rich oil fields of the Sinai Peninsula; draining the crude oil and allowing SCUM to dominate the world's economy.

His plans begin to unravel when James Bond Jr. and Egyptology student, Cleo Daway, stumble upon his activities whilst investigating the burial site of Pharaoh Hiphurrah. The pair are taken captive aboard the Subterranean and are entertained by the Pharaoh. As they tunnel under the Red Sea, Fearo prepares to begin extracting crude oil; trapping Bond and Cleo in a section of pipeline. They escape by eroding the metal with acid, inadvertently flooding the vessel with crude oil and forcing it to surface. While Fearo and his men remove the oil, Bond returns and boards the craft with the help of a local sheikh. Fearo tries to shoot him, but misses and ruptures a pipe; spraying him with crude oil. He is subsequently taken into custody.


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