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Pleydell-Smith is the fictional Chief Secretary of colonial governement in Jamaica. The character originally appeared in the 1958 Ian Fleming novel Dr. No and was subsequently adaptated in 1962 film Dr. No, portrayed by Louis Blaazer.


Prior to James Bond's arrival, Pleydell-Smith had been investigating into the activities of Dr. Julius No. He informed his friend, John Strangways of his findings before he disappeared without trace. When Bond arrives in Jamaica investigating the disappearance of John Strangways, he pays Pleydell-Smith a visit at Government House. Smith informs the spy about the current state of investigations into the death of Strangways. Later he introduces Bond to a number of Strangways' friends and colleagues socially, where he first meets Professor R.J. Dent. Later Bond picks up the geiger counter sent from London from Pleydell-Smith and arranges his date with Miss Taro.

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