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The Principal Warfare Officer (PWO)[2][1] is a fictional unnamed officer of the British Royal Navy serving on-board the frigate HMS Bedford, under Admiral Kelly. A minor ally, the character appeared in the 1997 James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies, and was portrayed by British actor Jason Watkins. The character was also briefly mentioned in the film's accompanying novelisation.


The unnamed British officer served on-board the flagship, HMS Bedford, during a standoff with the Chinese Navy in the South China Sea; prompted by the sinking of a British warship. The real orchestrator of the international crisis - media mogul, Elliot Carver - attempts to instigate conflict between the fleets by firing missiles at each of the flagships from his undetectable Stealth Ship. Thanks to the work of MI6 and the Chinese Intelligence Service, the Bedford receives an urgent message from the Admiralty ordering the fleet to search for the Stealth Ship, which is eventually pursued and sunk with the assistance of saboteurs, James Bond and Wai Lin. The Bedford and its crew are subsequently seen searching for Commander Bond among the wreckage.

Alternate continuities

The character is briefly mentioned in Raymond Benson's accompanying novelisation of the film, which closely follows Bruce Feirstein's original screenplay. As in the film, he informs his commanding officer, Captain McMahon, that the incoming squadron of Chinese MiGs is one minute away from missile range, but have turned on their targeting radar.[3]


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