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220px-David Arnold - Quantum of Solace OST album cover

Bond composer David Arnold wrote the score for Quantum of Solace. The film's theme song "Another Way to Die" was written and produced by Jack White and performed by White & Alicia Keys.

Track listing

  • "Time to Get Out"
  • "The Palio"
  • "Inside Man"
  • "Bond in Haiti"
  • "Somebody Wants to Kill You"
  • "Greene & Camille"
  • "Pursuit at Port au Prince"
  • "No Interest In Dominic Greene"
  • "Night At The Opera"
  • "Restrict Bond’s Movements"
  • "Talamone"
  • "What’s Keeping You Awake"
  • "Bolivian Taxi Ride"
  • "Field Trip"
  • "Forgive Yourself"
  • "DC3"
  • "Target Terminated"
  • "Camille’s Story"
  • "Oil Fields"
  • "Have You Ever Killed Someone?"
  • "Perla de las Dunas"
  • "The Dead Don’t Care About Vengeance"
  • "I Never Left"
  • "Another Way to Die" –Jack White & Alicia Keys
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