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Quist was a fictional criminal operative of the secretive criminal organisation, SPECTRE. A minor antagonist portrayed by the late British stuntman and actor, Bill Cummings, he appeared briefly in the 1965 James Bond film, Thunderball.


Quist first appears when the Domino's boat come in the beach.

He also watch James Bond when he discuses with Domino and is spotted by 007.

Quist was later sent by Emilio Largo to murder Bond in his Nassau hotel suite, but blundered into a booby-trap the spy had prepared: an audio recorder disguised as a copy of the Nassau telephone directory.

Retracing the sound of Quist's activity, Bond found him hiding in the shower. After scalding him with hot water, the intruder was quickly overpowered. Rather than kill the man, Felix Leiter, who came into the room gave him back his pistol after unloading it and 007 sent him back to Largo with a message.

"Tell them 'the little fish I throw back into the sea'."
― 007 sends Largo a message.[src]

Quist promptly reported back to Largo at Palmyra, only to be thrown into the shark pool for his failing his mission. He got killed by being eaten by the sharks, which have a voracious appetite, and the crystal clear blue water turns red with his blood, a sign that Quist was killed offscreen.


Quist had dark brown hair, flecked with grey (prematurely, only being at age 37). He had blue eyes, and wore a striped bathrobe with short khakis and sandals.


  • Stuntman Bill Cummings, who played Quist, demanded $250 if he jumped into the shark pool. He was paid $450, however, as he doubled for Largo, pleasing the stuntman plenty.

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