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Rafael Drake, also spelled Raphael Drake, was the fictional Brazilian-Russian owner of the nuclear decommissioning company Phoenix International. The character serves as the main antagonist of the 2002 James Bond video-game 007: Nightfire and was voiced by Michael Ensign.


Raised in the Soviet Union by a South African father and a Brazilian mother, Rafael Drake is a brilliant and charismatic businessman. In an attempt to eradicate post-industrial waste, he transformed his Phoenix International Corporation from an ecology-ravaging behemoth into the world’s leading "regeneration" company.[1] But although he poses as a humanitarian and opponent of nuclear weaponry, Drake secretly hoards supposedly decommissioned nuclear weapons for his own future use.

When a vital piece of missile guidance hardware is stolen from Japan, MI6 is led to believe that Drake is involved. Bond is sent to investigate the industrialist's activities and discovers that he is bent on world domination.

In an attempt to take over the world, Drake hijacks the American space defense platform and attempts to launch its arsenal of nuclear weapons against major NATO bases to wipe out global security. If successful, his own existing arsenal would elevate himself as his own self-made superpower over the weakened powers of the globe. He is intercepted by Bond who hitches a ride aboard one of Drake's space shuttles en route to the hijacked station, and sends his elite troops to engage Bond in the vacuum of space as he proceeds with the attack. This effort fails however as Bond sends each missile flying out of control and exploding harmlessly in space, with some hitting the station and sending it into meltdown. Drake flees the station's destruction and engages Bond in space with a rocket launcher in a last-ditch effort to dispose of him. He is killed on-board the space station by Bond, who shoots him with a Phoenix Samurai laser rifle before escaping the crumbling space station in an escape pod. Drake's body was last seen floating into the void of space.




  • Rafael Drake's intentions of changing the world and his eventual death, is particularly similar to Hugo Drax.


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