Regina is an MI6 field agent. She appeared in the 2004 James Bond video-game Everything or Nothing's co-op mode as a playable character alongside Suggs, Lotus, and Feng.

Game Biography

Everything or Nothing

She is an operative agent who made three missions with one of the other three operative agents. The First mission is in an isolated area in Tunisia near the Gulf of Gabes. And the misson is to investigate an individual know only as M. Sappho. First the two agents found the entrance to the secret palace, than defused all explosives in M. Sappho's palace. But shortly after M. Sappho attaced them with a missile launcher, but they explosed him and found the way out of the palace.

The second mission is near Andaman Sea where is a secret reasearch facility lead by Dr. Lazarus Beam, an expert in the feild of nano-lasers is behind it. The job is to infiltrate the facility and then get as much info as possible. First the two agents found the way to the mine entrence and to the laser facility, than they disabled the first and second nanolaser generator and escaped to the facility shortly before it explosed.

The third and last mission is in Egypt. The mission is to help James Bond infiltrate the nanotech center and plant explosive charges within the facility. After the agents plant the explosive charges they met with Bond in the elevator who told them to find the way out.