The Royal Navy (RN) is the United Kingdom's naval warfare force. It plays a major role in James Bond lore; notably as a supplier of personnel for the Secret Intelligence Service's covert '00 Section'. Prominent alumni include Commander James Bond (R.N.V.R.), and his superior, Admiral Sir Miles Messervy.

The Royal Navy is part of Her Majesty's Naval Service, which also includes the Royal Marines. The professional head of the Naval Service is the First Sea Lord who is an admiral and member of the Defence Council of the United Kingdom. The Defence Council delegates management of the Naval Service to the Admiralty Board, chaired by the Secretary of State for Defence. The Royal Navy operates three bases in the United Kingdom where commissioned ships are based; Portsmouth, Clyde and Devonport, the last being the largest operational naval base in Western Europe.

During the Cold War, the Royal Navy transformed into a primarily anti-submarine force, hunting for Soviet submarines. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, its focus has returned to expeditionary operations around the world and remains one of the world's foremost blue-water navies.[1][2][3] 


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