Ruby Cox is a fictional American diamond smuggler who appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage. In the World of Espionage adaptation of Diamonds Are Forever, Ruby Cox essentially fulfils the roles of Shady Tree, as well as Jack & Seraffimo Spang.

Game biography

Infiltrating the same diamond-smuggling pipeline which financed terrorist Dorian Reid, James Bond (masquerading as smuggler 'Peter Franks') is met by Svetlana Koroleva on arriving in Las Vegas and is passed along to the gang's courier Tiffany Case. After being wined and dined by the spy she provides the name of her boss, a powerful socialite named Ruby Cox. Bond finds Cox taking a mud bath at a spa and hands over the diamonds. Ruby then instructs him to play a fixed game of blackjack at a casino to receive their payoff. After 007's cover is blown, she dispatches sadistic assassins Wint and Kidd to kill him. Eventually, the spy convinces them to take both himself and Tiffany Case alive. The assassins oblige and take Bond to Spectreville, where Kidd attempts to torture him with a blow torch. 007 escapes with Tiffany, in the process of which both Wint and Kidd end up crushed below a rail carriage. Ruby isn't keen to follow and after Bond attempts to extract information from her (regarding her employer) he kills her.

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