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"James Bond. We both eradicate people to make the world a better place. I just want to be a little, tidier..."
― Safin while he meets Bond[src]
"I'm a man willing to kill the person you love most..."
― Safin threatening Madeleine Swann in her apartment[src]
"James Bond. Licensed to kill. History of violence...I could be speaking to my own reflection. Only your skills die with your body. Mine will survive long after I'm gone...James Bond. I've made you redundant..."
― Safin to James Bond.[src]

Lyutsifer Safin is an anarchist, and a former assassin of SPECTRE.[2] Portrayed by American actor, Rami Malek, he is the main antagonist of the 2020 James Bond film, No Time to Die.


Early Life and Origins

Nothing is truly known about Safin's origins, neither his real name, from the reason he is shrouded in complete mystery. The only facts known about him are that he once worked as an assassin for SPECTRE[2] , is currently a powerful figure in the world of terrorism and anarchism, and has no connections to any religion or ideologies.

However; Safin is confirmed to be having a lair composed of a submarine pen residing on an island[3].

No Time to Die

"His name is Safin.."
"What does he want?"
― Bond and Swann discussing Safin.[src]

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"We’ve thrown the book at him on this one. He is really the supervillain. He’s the one that really gets under Bond’s skin. He’s a nasty piece of work.."
― Producer Barbara Broccoli describing Safin's personality
"What I really wanted from Safin is to make him unsettling. Thinking of himself as being heroic...Safin is a formidable adversary and James Bond has to adapt to it."
― Rami Malek describes Safin's portrayal in a featurette video.
"He's quite unique. Very complex. Daniel calls him misunderstood.."
― Rami Malek describes Safin and shares Craig's words of describing Safin
"And now there's someone new out there. More dangerous than anyone he's ever encountered and whoever they are is smarter and stronger than SPECTRE.."
― Director Cary Joji Fukunaga describing Safin
"What he wants and what he's willing to do makes him a really frightening character. Not just for Bond, but on a global level..."
― Cary Fukunaga on Safin

Safin is an extremely mysterious individual, probably the most mysterious individual that Bond has come to face against in his entire career as a 00 agent, yet, he is known to the world as an extremely powerful, ruthless, sadistic and nasty individual from the most diabolical kind which could be ever imagined to MI6 either to Bond himself.

Considered as a powerful key figure in the world of terrorism and anarchism, Safin is also known to be a nearly supervillain-esque individual, using his skills and his gifted talents and intelligence to outsmart Bond into driving away from his original moralities and codes he used to work or follow after, doing so like his greatest enemy before him, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Safin, in addition, is said to be knowing how to become getting under Bond's skin, making him Bond's most cruel and sadistic nemesis he ever faced against. When he is encountering in James for the very first time, he coldly speaks of Bond's role in MI6 and compares Bond to himself, saying that with Bond's history of violence, Safin is seeing Bond his own reflection but cruelly mocks at Bond's skills, promising his skills, unlike Safin's, would die with his own body while his would survive and live long after he would die, stating that he has succeeded in making Bond redundant.

Physical Appearance

Safin appears to be roughly in his thirties, with short black hair, dark brown eyes and heavily disfigured face.

Safin, in addition, is wearing a long dark blue coat and a black long sweater, and, often wears a white snow coat with a golden-brown fur in its hat. Noticeably, he also seems to frequent wearing a Noh mask, a mask typically used in Japanese theater.


  • Safin is considered to be the most cruel, sadistic and coldest villain in the entire Bond franchise, described as "a nasty piece of work" and as "the one who really gets under Bond's skin" by producer Barbara Broccoli.[4]
  • Currently there have been many theories going around about who Safin is and what his motivations and schemes are, with many speculating a wide array of schemes from him developing a virus to wipe out the world's population to genetic warfare involving cloning.
  • Some have even speculated that Safin could be a reimagined version of Dr. Julius No, citing his dress sense, which is reminiscent of what No wore, as well as promotional material showing what seems to be a gunshot in the left side of his chest in one scene, which has led some online to speculate that Safin has the same heart condition, Dextrocardia, that No had in his novel interpretation. However, it is important to say that none of this has been confirmed as of yet.



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