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Sammy Wells was a fictional leader of the paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). He served as a Major in the British Army during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The character was the main antagonist in Dynamite Entertainment's 2018 spin-off comic James Bond: M.


"To devil with peace! I want them in PIECES."
― Sammy Wells to M.[src]

During the Troubles in Northern Ireland (c. 1969-98), Wells served as a Major in the British Army. During a riot in Belfast, Wells served as the commanding officer of the young M and ordered him to take down a suspected IRA informant using non-lethal plastic bullets. Unbeknownst to M, the round he was provided was intended to be lethal and the target was in fact one of Wells' own informants. Her usefulness exhausted, the Major intended to have her killed. He had promised to provide for her brother if she fed him intelligence, however after her death the young man fell into drug addiction and was subsequently beaten to death by Wells as an example to others. After leaving the military, Wells continued to blackmail the remorseful M.

Over thirty years later, Wells was now a leader of the paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), operating out of a seedy Loyalist bar, The Mad Dog. Knowing M to now be head of the Secret Intelligence Service, Sammy attempts to blackmail him into obtaining the names of former inmates belonging to rival paramilitary organization, the IRA. Ostensibly interested in enacting justice upon them, Wells actually intends to sell their details to the highest bidder. Later, he murders one of his associates, Aaron Abernathy, after he secretly divulges details to M. Wells meets with M at the Dark Hedges near Ballymoney to receive the names. Instead, M reveals that the girl is in fact alive; having been secretly saved by undercover MI6 agents and provided a new identity. M enacts poetic justice on Wells by finding the names of the IRA informants as requested - and bringing them to the rendezvous at Dark Hedges. M and the girl drive off, leaving the pleading man alone with his enemies. His fate is unknown, but it is implied they killed him.


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