Sandor is a fictional assassin who works for Karl Stromberg, and like Jaws is a loyal henchman following his boss's orders. He gets the task of eliminating all those who have contact with the microfilm containing a new submarine tracking system that was stolen from Stromberg. Sandor was the quaternary antagonist of the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. He was played by Milton Reid.

Film biography

After Stromberg has found out that his assistant attempted to sell a submarine tracking device, Stromberg sends his henchman Jaws to find the device and kill everyone who came into contact with it. Sandor is sent to assist Jaws and do everything the giant tells him to do.

Hidden in Aziz Fekkesh's house, an Egyptian intermediary who negotiates to sell the microfilm to the Soviets, he sees Bond get to the site; Felicca, also an accomplice of Stromberg who is there to entertain lovingly 007, presents ingratiatingly and hugs kissing with Bond in the room. Seeing the opportunity, Sandor, hidden behind a counter on the top floor, the gun sights on spy back. In a last moment however, to glimpse the killer, Felicca changes his mind and screams turning Bond, being hit in the back by the bullet meant for 007. Bond pursues Sandor onto the roof, where Sandor ambushes him. Bond manages to fend Sandor off and disarms the man. In the ensuing struggle, the two get near the edge of the roof and Sandor almost stumbles over the edge. He manages to grab Bond's tie but is about to lose his hold. Bond asks him where Fekkesh is and, expecting that Bond saves him, Sandor tells him that he's at the pyramids. However, Bond hits the tie, causing Sandor to plummeting to death in the cobbled courtyard below.

Behind the scenes

Milton Reid, who played Sandor, also played a guard of Dr. No.

Although Ian Fleming had requested that no elements from his original book The Spy Who Loved Me (1962) be used in the film series, the novel's antagonists would provide the basis for the characters of Jaws and Sandor. The novel features two thugs named Sol Horror and Sluggsy Morent. Horror is described as having steel-capped teeth, while Sluggsy had a clear bald head.