Serena St. Gremaine is a fictional American geologist. The character appears in Electronic Arts' 2004 James Bond video game Everything or Nothing, portrayed by American actress and former fashion model Shannon Elizabeth.

Game Biography

Everything or Nothing

Serena was studying anomalous platinum deposits in the Peruvian town of Puerto Viejo when she became the last known contact of Jack Mason, MI6 agent 003. After losing contact with him, she comes into contact with James Bond, who enlists her help in his unsuccessful rescue. While the Bond attempted to save Jack, Serena was captured and thrown out of a helicopter, but was saved by Bond with a last-minute grappling hook trick. The two then steal a tank from Nikolai Diavolo (the man who killed Jack and had bought out Puerto Viejo's police)'s platinum mine, and use it to escape the facility, and Puerto Viejo. Bond then leaves Serena in Jack's old safe-house with the promise that he will be in touch.

When Bond returns, Serena informs him that the only way to get an audience with Diavolo is to win one of his automobile races. Bond wins the race, but when they are granted an audience with Diavolo, Serena is kidnapped and held prisoner. Bond frees her, and they escape the mansion in one of Diavolo's racing cars. When they escape, Serena tells Bond that she overheard guards talking about a platinum mine north of Puerto Viejo, where she later picks Bond up in a helicopter. Bond then takes over the vehicle and begins to travel to Moscow. Serena then waits outside the Kremlin for Bond, and the two share a kiss when he does.



  • Fellow Bond girl actresses, Shannon Elizabeth and Mya, would also both reunite to appear a year later after the release of this video game as two friends (and eventually victims) in the Wes Craven werewolf horror film Cursed.