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Severan Hydt is a main villain in the James Bond Novel Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver. He owns the refuse disposal and recycling business "Green Way"


Early Life

Severan Hydt was born in Amsterdam as Marteen Holt to two Dutch citizens. His father was wealthy and travelled a lot on business. When he was twelve years old, his mother moved with Severan to England. Sometime after this, his mother had a breakdown and he was then raised by the housekeeper who had travelled with them from Holland. His father left Severan after he lost his fortune. After this the housekeeper called Social Services because she was no longer being paid to look after young Severan and then she vanished, leaving Severan to fend for himself at age 14. Later on, Severan put himself through University in Ancient history and Archaeology.

At some point in his life Severan changed his name from Marteen Holt to Severan Hydt. He changed his name to distance himself from his father, as Holt was his father's last name, and his father had selected his given name of Marteen. Hydt chose the name Hydt as it was similar to Hyde of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Hydt believes that each person has two sides, much like the titular character. The name Severan was chosen because it was the name of the Roman Emperor that he believed brought out the true Rome: Septimius Severus, because he ruled over the decay of the Roman Empire.

Sometime after university Mr. Hydt founded Green Way, a recycling and garbage disposal company with operations across the globe. Hydt founded Grreen Way by blackmailing a mobster via what he found in the rubbish from their building, as Hydt had been a garbage man, and extorted enough money to start Green Way.

Carte Blanche

Hydt obtained the plans for a shrapnel explosive called "The Cutter", which he was hired to use by a pharmaceutical company to kill a cancer researcher who was close to a breakthrough. He then derails a train along the Danube river, which allows his henchman Niall Dunne to steal scrap metal for The Cutter. He then begins to travel the world in order to construct the device. In Cape Town, he meets Eugene J. Theron, a mercenary who learns of Hydt's plans and, with the help of Jessica Barnes, has Hydt arrested. Hydt was then shot by Dunne before he could be taken to prison.

It's later revealed that Hydt "borrowed" Dunne from Felicity Willing, who had her own plans.


  • Hydt has a love for decay that borders on sexual fetishism.
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