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"God, what a terrible waste. Of money."
― Sharkey remarks on the traitorous Killifer's death.[src]

Sharkey is a fictional fisherman who operates his own charter business, Sharkey's Charters. He is notable for being a close friend of Felix Leiter and James Bond. The character appears in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill, portrayed by actor Frank McRae, and also appeared in John Gardner's accompanying novelization spelled Sharky.[1]


Sharkey is first seen during the pre-title sequence, in which he and Bond are bridal party members escourting Felix Leiter to his immanent wedding. During the journey they are interrupted by officials from the DEA, Leiter's current employers, who take Bond and Felix with them to apprehend drug lord Franz Sanchez, leaving him to inform Della that the wedding will be delayed.

Later, following an act of revenge against Leiter and his wife by the recently liberated Sanchez, Sharkey and Bond visit the mutilated Felix as he clings to life in a hospital. Sharkey diagnoses Felix's injuries as the result of a shark attack, and Bond invites him to help take revenge on Sanchez.

Bond, with the help of Sharkey, infiltrates the marine research lab where Felix was mauled by the shark. Just as Ed Killifer is about to shoot Bond (or push him into the open shark tank), Sharkey bursts out of a hatch in the ground and knocks Killifer into the shark tank. Killifer, grasping a dangling rope for dear life, offers to split his $2,000,000 with Bond. Instead, 007 throws the case of money at him, knocking into the shark tank. As he is mauled to death, Sharkey, grimacing, comments "God, what a terrible waste," and notices Bond's glare, whereupon he quips "of money".

Sharkey is hung up dead. (Clive: Guess what? His name was Sharkey!)

The following day he informs Bond about the Wavekrest, a marine-research vessel owned by Sanchez's associate Milton Krest. He notes that they are supposedly collecting specimens off the Cay Sel Bank and takes Bond on the six hour voyage to investigate. After helping him board the ship, however, he is caught by some of Krest's men, killed (possibly by cutting or shooting his neck) and hung up like a shark. Bond takes revenge by shooting the frogman who murdered him with a harpoon gun and says "compliments of Sharkey".




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