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Shaun Campbell is a fictional intelligence operative employed by the British Secret Service. Portrayed by the late British actor, Bernard Horsfall, he appears in EON Productions' 1969 James Bond film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and was based on the literary character from Ian Fleming's 1963 novel of the same name.


Shaun Campbell first helps James Bond when he is finding about Ernst Stavro Blofeld in Gumbold's office in Bern, Switzerland, by using a crane to deliver a safe-cracking device to Bond. Later, he is seen pretending to read a newspaper in Lauterbrunnen, posing as a tourist and keeping watch on Bond. The next day, he tries to hitch a ride in a cable car up to Piz Gloria from Birg to contact 007. However, he is confronted by Blofeld's head of security, Grunther. He attempts to persuade him to give him access to the top, but is shouted out the door by Grunther.

Campbell then decides to take events into his own hands and scales up to Piz Gloria without Blofeld's guards noticing him. However, unfortunately for Campbell, he is detected due to a flock of birds near him catching the guards attention, and the guards fire a few shots at him, barely missing. However, he is quickly captured. As Blofeld emerges, discussing Campbell's earlier intrusion with Grunther, Shaun argues with him about the entire peak being out of bounds. During a heated argument, Campbell glances at Bond and, after identifying him, immediately starts capitulating, only threatening to alert the authorities about the incident before being sent back down via cable car.

Unfortunately, this glance at Bond proves to be fatal, as it gives away his affiliation with Bond and he is killed before he can contact MI6. His body is left swinging in front of a window with one leg tied up by a rope. Blofeld, when taking Bond to be detained in the cable car machinery room, makes sure to lead him past said window so he can see Campbell's hanging body as an deterrent from interfering with his operations.


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