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Shaun Campbell is British Secret Service agent who appears in the Ian Fleming novel On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

He would also appear in its 1969 film adaptation, portrayed by Bernard Horsfall.

Novel biography

Shaun Campbell was a British Secret Service operative and second-in-command of Station Z in Zürich, Switzerland. It is briefly mentioned that Campbell, besides being a friend of Bond's in the service, shares his naval background, having broken his nose boxing for the Royal Navy.

During the events of On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Campbell unwittingly blunders into the middle of a British Secret Service investigation of Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Unaware of the operation, the agent trails a Russian member of SPECTRE to Blofeld's alpine hideout, Piz Gloria.

"His control was shot to pieces. When his eyes lit on the familiar face of Bond, he looked astonished, then, as if a lifebuoy had been thrown to him, he said hoarsely, ‘Thank God, James. Tell ’em it’s me! Tell ’em I’m from Universal Export. In Zürich. You know! For God’s sake, James! Tell ’em I’m OK.’"
Ian Fleming.[src]

He is captured and severely beaten, before being brought before Blofeld and James Bond, who is impersonating British genealogist Sir Hilary Bray. Totally devoid of self-control, Campbell recognizes Bond and proceeds to beg him for help. Aware that he is signing Shaun's death certificate, but not wanting to compromise the mission, Bond discloses that he does not recognize or know him. He is then led away to be tortured, ultimately cracking and revealing Bond's identity.