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SilverFin is a single-player isometric adventure video game that was developed by Morpheme and published by PlayerOne for mobile phones. Released in 5th January 2006 for Java-capable handsets, the game was based on Charlie Higson's 2005 Young Bond novel of the same name and coincided with the release of its sequel, Blood Fever.


Following the plot of SilverFin, the first five levels revolve around recovering a train ticket sent by James Bond's aunt Charmian with the help of his friend, Pritpal Nandra. However, it has been split up into four parts and hidden around the school. Having recovered the pieces, Bond then travels to Scotland and makes a new friend, Red Kelly. With his help, Bond has been able to gain access to Lord Hellebore's castle set on Loch SilverFin. The boys investigates further and make their way down through the floors of the castle to unravel the secrets it holds. With the help of Hellebore's son, George, Bond makes his way past guards and mutant pigs to a secret laboratory producing a mutagen: the Silverfin Serum. The game concludes with Bond destroying tanks of serum and escaping the castle as it is engulfed in fire.


Developed for Java-equipped handsets, SilverFin is an isometric adventure game in which the player controls the young James Bond. The player progresses by pushing obstacles, finding keys to open doors and collecting items; all whilst avoiding patrolling enemies. If a guard sees the player they are given one of three warnings that will be shown on the bottom of the screen. If they are seen three times they will have to start the level again. Warning indicators briefly flash to show a guard is nearby. Later levels include objects which instantly kill on touch, including mutant pigs and fire. The game features three locations (Eton, Hellebore's castle and his laboratory) over 15 levels. At the end of each level the player's performance is graded as either "Young Etonian", "Young Adventurer" or "Young Bond" (best).


Reviewing the game, John Thomson of Pocket Gamer scored the game 4 out of 5. While noting that levels could become slightly repetitive, he praised the game for its clearly structured menus and colourful visuals.[1]


List of levels
(1) The Letter

"James, your first task is to find aunt Charmian's letter that contains a ticket to Scotland."

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 01.png
(2) Missing Ticket

"There doesn't seem to be a ticket inside the letter. It may well have been split up and hidden around the school."

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 02.png
(3) Another piece

"Well that's the first piece of the ticket found."

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 03.png
(4) Nearly there

"That's two pieces, well done, only two more to go."

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 04.png
(5) Scotland Ahoy

"Ok the final piece of the ticket is here. Avoid the beaks and solve the puzzles in order to progress."

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 05.png
(6) Castle Hellebore

"You have now arrived in Scotland and made a new friend, Red Kelly. With Kelly's help, you have been able to gain access to Lord Hellebore's castle set on Loch SilverFin. You must investigate further and make your way down through the floors of the castle to unravel the secrets that it holds."

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 06.png
(7) Castle Hall

"You've made it down to the next floor of the castle. I wonder what the security could be guarding? Things may become a bit trickier now, be careful James!"

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 07.png
(8) Lower Levels

"Floor three of the castle now James, I think you may be getting closer to the truth!"

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 08.png
(9) Closer and Closer

"You've made it down to floor four of the castle. You've heard talk of a secret laboratory in the castle, maybe if you keep going down you will uncover it?"

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 09.png
(10) Labs Ahead

"One more floor to go and then onto the laboratory. Even the guards seem to be very wary. I wonder why?"

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 10.png
(11) This Little Piggy

"Well done James you've finally made it to Lord Hellebore's Laboratories. George Hellebore has finally stood up to his father and agreed to help you find and destroy the Silverfin Serum. This is where it will get tough..."

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 11.png
(12) Trotters Help

"Floor 2 of the labs. This Silverfin Serum sounds deadly. If you get the opportunity you must destroy it..."

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 12.png
(13) Close to the truth

"You're definitely getting nearer to the Silverfin Serum as the challenges are gettng tougher."

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 13.png
(14) Serum Smash

"You've made it to the Silverfin laboratory, you know what to do James... don't you?"

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 14.png
(15) Firestarter!

"You've done it but in the process you've started a fire in the laboratories. You need to get out quick before the entire place is engulfed. Run James, run..."

"Congratulations James you made it and just in time; the whole castle is going up in flames. You've managed to put an end to Lord Hellebore's dastardly plans. George is ok and look, he's Red Kelly too. What an adventure, what will aunt Charmian say? No one will ever believe you back at Eon... but maybe its best to keep it to yourself. Surely nothing can top this? Young Bond will return... in Blood Fever."

SilverFin (mobile game) - Level 15.png


Title screen music


Eton level music


Castle level music


Laboratory level music




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