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Skyfall Lodge

Bond arrives at Skyfall Lodge.

Skyfall Lodge is a countryside mansion located in the highlands of Scotland and a central location for the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall. The lodge set was custom built for the film on Hankley Common near Elstead in Surrey, England. The land is owned by the British Ministry of Defence.



Prior to the events of Skyfall, the Bond family resided at Skyfall Lodge, though James Bond had not visited his ancestral home since his parents' death. Its only resident ever since has been gamekeeper Kincade. After they died, Bond's parents were buried in the chapel on the grounds. The lodge has a hidden tunnel that leads to the estate's swamp, which after being crossed leads to a chapel. It also had a weapons room as mentioned by 007, but unfortunately Kincade sold every single gun found in the room to a collector "...from Idaho, or some such place," leaving only a few sticks of dynamite and his father's hunting rifle.

After taking M and the Aston Martin DB5, Bond decides to drive to Skyfall, while asking Q to leave an electronic trail for the location to his pursuer Raoul Silva. With the help of Kincade, Bond and M fill the place with booby traps. The attack by Silva and his men end up destroying the house, but Bond, M and Kincade manage to escape to the chapel, where both Silva and M die (Silva being killed by Bond after he threatens M's life, and M succumbing to her bloody wounds).

When Bond caused the Lodge to explode he noted and muttered "I always hated this place." It was Bond's way of saying goodbye to his family home and all the memories he made there.


Bond receives the remainder of his personal effects from Skyfall Lodge from Eve Moneypenny delivered to his apartment.


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