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Solange Dimitrios was one of Bond's romantic interest who appeared in the 2006 adaptation of Casino Royale played by Italian ctress, Caterina Murino.


Bond first meets Solange when she arrives at a poker game where her husband Alex Dimitrios plays against Bond. Losing, Dimitrios reacts coldly to his wife's affection, which attracts Bond's attention.

Later, Bond offers Solange a ride back to his rented villa for a drink after he wins Dimitrios' Aston Martin DB5 at the poker table. She accepts and the two plan to spend the night together, where she tells him that she is not happy with her life, because of the evilness and one-sided relationship with her husband. However, Solange receives a phone call from her husband which serves to inform Bond that Dimitrios will be taking the last flight to Miami. Bond decides to follow him but does not tell Solange, instead ordering some Bollinger and caviar up to their room as a parting gift before he leaves. While Bond was on the phone she leaves him in the bedroom and walks out of the hotel.

After Bond thwarts the terrorist plot at Miami Airport, Dimitrios' boss Le Chiffre deduces that Solange informed Bond. Bond returns to find that she had been tortured, killed, and wrapped in a hammock on the beach by Le Chiffre's Quantum members.


  • Solange is the twelfth woman that Bond does not succeed to protect from death in the Bond films, and the first in the reboot.


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