The Sony Ericsson C902 is a "block" (or "candy bar") style mobile phone handset manufactured by Sony Ericsson. The device first appeared in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace as a communications device utilized by James Bond. The handset was subsequently seen in the film's tie-in video game of the same name.

Film appearances

In Quantum of Solace, this phone become a GPS to track Greene and his men to Prague while Bond was in Haiti and then to Prague, Bregenz in the opera house that becomes a face recognizer to identify some faces after Bond take some pictures with his camera to send some back to MI6 for intel.

Video game appearances

In the video game version, the C902 has four features like the map with the objectives displayed on the phone including the objective’s message, Bond for the green arrow, red arrow enemies, and the objective circle. Third the camera and the Electronic Lockpick like the decryptor (the inspiration from 007: Nightfire) that can crack the code that is connected to the electronic keypad that was displayed on the screen complete with different video game platform control pads (excluding the Wii version with no backgrounds on it) to unlock electronic security doors. The C902’s has a camera patch were Bond can patch cameras from his USB wire in order to detect some enemies in every room. The C902’s has a data stick were Bond can read and listen to some messages for Quantum’s intel.



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