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Unnamed, the character was a fictional operative of the secretive criminal organization, Quantum. A minor antagonist portrayed by actor, Leo Stransky, he appeared briefly in the 2006 James Bond film, Casino Royale.


The Tall Man was one of several unidentified Quantum operatives who accompanied Adolph Gettler to a Palazzo under reconstruction in Venice. Gettler is there to meet Vesper Lynd, who has the money that Bond won at the Poker game in Montenegro. Gettler however spots Bond lurking in the shadows and takes Vesper hostage while the Tall Man draws his gun. Gettler and the man take Vesper into the Palazzo followed by Bond. Bond fights his way to the top of the building eventually taking The Tall Man hostage. Bond then uses the man to blocks Gettler's bullets which wound the man. Afterward Bond jumps out of the way as the elevator shaft of the building topples over and crushes The Tall Man to death.


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