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Tamara Steel[1] is a fictional news presenter for CMGN Europe. An employee of wealthy media mogul and criminal, Elliot Carver, she first appeared in the 1997 James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies, and was portrayed by Australian actress, Nina Young. The character, instead named Tamara Kelly,[2] also appeared in the film's accompanying novelization.


Tomorrow Never Dies (film)

Tamara Steel is one of the Carver Media Group Network's European news presenters. She is present during a party at Carver's Hamburg media center, celebrating the launch of a new CMGN satellite. When James Bond arrives at the party, Tamara is seen by the media mogul's side, laughing as he jokes around. Later, while discovering the body of Paris Carver in her suite, 007 overhears a pre-recorded news report on her death, presented by Tamara. As she explains that a man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound was found with her, the assassin, Dr. Kaufman, makes his presence known. Holding him at gunpoint, Kaufman ejects the VHS cassette from the television and explains that the report will air in an hour. Steel's fate is unknown.

Alternate continuities

Tomorrow Never Dies (novelisation)

In the novelization, the character's name is Tamara Kelly and she is confirmed as being an influential anchor in Carver's television network. Described as a "tall and attractive brunette with bright, white teeth and sparkling green eyes",[2] the narrator sardonically remarks her "qualifications as a television anchor were created by a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills."[2] Rather than celebrating Carver's global reach through a satellite launch, the party she attends is to celebrate the opening of their new, state-of-the-art Hamburg broadcast facility for the Western Hemisphere. She is about to cut the red ribbon with a pair of large scissors, when Bond sabotages the event by holding a lit cigar under a smoke detector; dowsing the ceremony with fire retardant powder from the automated fire alarm system. In addition to the Kaufman scene, which plays out like the film,[3] Tamara is seen broadcasting throughout the novel; culminating with her final appearance announcing the disappearance of Carver just prior to his death by the Sea-Vac.[4]



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