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Tan (formally referred to as Mr. Tan) is a fictional Asian drug lord in league with Franz Sanchez. The minor character appeared in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill, portrayed by Osami Kawawo.


Mr. Tan is one of five Asian drug lords who met with Sanchez in Isthmus. As part of Sanchez's goal of expanding his cocaine empire to incorporate the Pacific region, the kingpin offers each of the drug lords exclusive franchises in his product, priced at one million US dollars per territory. During the meeting, one of the men (actually a Hong Kong narcotics agent) asks to examine Sanchez's production facilities as reassurance before closing the deal. He agrees and takes the men to tour his main distribution centre the following day. There Honorato, the chief chemist, explains their process of smuggling the product, by dissolving cocaine in gasoline. Mr. Tan looks on approvingly. Four tanker trucks loaded with the mixture have been prepared for the drug lords (pending their agreement), however James Bond burns down the lab, causing them to flee from the facility. It is unknown what happens to Tan and the other drug lords after this.

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