Tee-Hee Johnson is one of Mr. Big's henchmen from the Ian Fleming novel Live and Let Die

The character was also reimagined for its 1973 film adaption. He was portrayed by Julius Harris.

Novel biography

In the novel, Tee-Hee is one of Mr. Big's many thugs. His name is derived from his tendency to giggle to himself very often for little or no reason. He is described as paunchy and wearing a chocolate shirt and lavender-coloured peg-top trousers. Unlike the later film adaptation, Tee-Hee lacks a physical deformity.

After being frisked, Bond is taken by Tee-Hee to Mr. Big, where he is questioned before being tied to his chair and tortured. At Big's request, Tee-Hee breaks the little finger of Bond’s left hand, giggling to himself as he performs the action. After it breaks, he is reluctant to stop inflicting the pain.

"The negro showed the reason for his nickname. ‘Hee-hee,’ he gave a falsetto giggle. ‘Hee-hee.’"
Ian Fleming.[src]

Following his torture, Bond is taken away by Tee-Hee to a waiting car. The man is killed when Bond suddenly lashes out at him, leading to his being thrown down a flight of stairs. As Tee-Hee lay dead or dying at the base of the stairs, Bond pocketed the man's sidearm and made his escape.

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