This nationality template generates a nationality name with flag thumbnail based on the input argument. Country codes correspond to their ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 counterparts, except in the case of fictional nations, which use a fictional three-letter identifier.

Argument Gives
al Big-Flag-Albania Albanian
af Big-Flag-Afghanistan Afghan
at Flag-Big-Austria Austrian
au Flag-Big-Australia Australian
az Flag-Big-Azerbaijan Azerbaijani
ba Bahamas Bahamian
be Flag-Big-Bermuda Bermudan
bg Flag-Big-Bulgaria Bulgarian
bu Flag-belgium-XL Belgian
br Flag-Big-Brazil Brazilian
bo Bolivia Bolivian
ca Flag of Canada.svg Canadian
cy Big-Flag-Cayman Islands Cayman Islander
ch Flag-Big-China Chinese
cu Flag-Big-Cuba Cuban
cs Flag-Big-Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakian
co Big-Flag-Colombia Colombian
eg Egypt Egyptian
en Big-Flag-England English
es 750px-Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977) svg Spanish
dah Flag - Dahum Dahumian
dd Big-Flag-East Germany German
de Flag-Big-Germany German
fr Flag-Big-France French
fi Finland Flag Finnish
gr Flag-Big-Greece Greek
gt Flag-Big-Guatemala Guatemalan
ha Flag-Big-Haiti Haitian
hu Hungary Hungarian
il Big-Flag-Israel Israeli
ie Flag-ireland-XL Irish
ir Flag-Big-Iran Iranian
is Flag-Big-Iceland Icelandic
ist Flag-Big-Isthmus Isthmian
it Flag-Big-Italy Italian
in Flag-Big-India Indian
ja Big-Flag-Jamaica (1957-1962) Jamaican
jp Flag-Big-Japan Japanese
kp Nk North Korean
kr Big-Flag-South Korea South Korean
lb Flag-Big-Lebanon Lebanese
ma Flag-Big-Morocco Moroccan
mx Flag-Big-Mexico Mexican
ne Flag-Big-Netherlands Dutch
nz Flag-Big-New Zealand New Zealander
no Norway flag Norwegian
po Big-Flag-Poland Polish
pr Flag-Big-Puerto Rico Puerto Rican
ps Flag-Big-Palestine Palestinian
pt Flag-Big-Portugal Portugese
sa Big-Flag-South Africa South African
st Flag-Big-Scotland Scottish
sc Flag-Big-Seychelles Seychellois
se Flag of Sweden Swedish
sk Flag-Big-Slovakia Slovakian
su Flag-Big-USSR Russian
sw Flag-Big-Switzerland Swiss
ro Romania Romanian
ru Flag-Big-Russia Russian
th Flag-Big-Thailand Thai
tu Flag-Big-Turkey Turkish
tw Taiwan Taiwanese
ug Big-Flag-Uganda Ugandan
uassr Flag-Big-USSR Ukrainian SSR
uk Flag-Big-UK British
us Flag-Big-USA American
vn Flag-Big-Vietnam Vietnamese
yg Big-Flag-Yugoslavia Yugoslavian
zan Flag Zanzarim Zanzari
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