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The Man with the Golden Gun (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) was a soundtrack composed by John Barry for the 1974 James Bond film of the same name. The film's eponymous theme song was performed by Lulu and written by Barry and English lyricist Don Black. The album was first released on vinyl by United Artists Records in 1974.


Track listing

  1. "The Man with the Golden Gun" – Performed by Lulu (2:35)
  2. "Scaramanga's Fun House" (4:38)
  3. "Chew Me In Grisly Island" (4:03)
  4. "The Man With The Golden Gun [Jazz Instrumental]" (2:30)
  5. "Getting The Bullet" (2:44)
  6. "Goodnight Goodnight" (5:20)
  7. "Let's Go Get 'Em" (3:43)
  8. "Hip's Trip" (3:18)
  9. "Kung Fu Fight" (1:54)
  10. "In Search Of Scaramanga's Island" (2:28)
  11. "Return To Scaramanga's Fun House" (6:25)
  12. "End Title: The Man With The Golden Gun" – Performed by Lulu (3:06)



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