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The Shadow War is an Alternate Reality Game based on the Young Bond franchise. It centers around using the Young Bond books to find clues to mysteries presented in the game. It was developed by Six to Start and the first episode released in August 23, 2008.[1], the following six episodes were released periodically over the next six weeks leading up to the release of By Royal Command.


The game centers on either a British SIS or Soviet OGPU agent solving mysteries in Europe, including finding pieces of a letter in a book shop to solve a murder that occurred there.

Mission 1

After being sent newspaper clippings by "your loving aunt", featuring advertisements for SIS Sports and OGPU Tractors and identifying them as being recruitment forms for government agencies, the player may decide which one to join.

Mission 2: Post Office

The player must then sort through mail sent at the post office to obtain a blank passport.

Mission 3: Civic Club

The player must create a false passport based on a character from the Young Bond books to exit the country and go to Lisbon.

Mission 4: Lisbon

The player is sent to solve a murder in a book shop by comparing a picture of the premises before the incident and the crime scene. They then can piece together the next clue using scraps of paper found at the scene.

Mission 6: Crossing Europe

The player must cross the Alps to discover the whereabouts of a mysterious airship and its missing passenger, who turns out to be Charlie Higson.

Mission 7

The player must use codewords hidden in copies of By Royal Command, to access hidden passageways in Schloss Donnerspitze to rescue Major Higson and James Bond.




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