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The Three Blind Mice are professional assassins working for Dr. Julius No and the quaternary antagonists in the 1962 film Dr. No. They pretended to be blind as a ruse to deflect attention. They have become known as "The Three Blind Mice" because of the song that accompanies them on the film's soundtrack and were the first characters to appear in the James Bond film series. They were portrayed by Eric Coverly, Charles Edghill and Henry Lopez.

Novel biography

The three blind assassins are sent to the Queen's Club, and when John Strangways leaves during a card game to order some drinks when in fact, he leaves to contact Regent's Park over the radio transmitter. When he approaches the assassins, he drops a coin in their tin cup feeling generous over their lot. The assassins thank him for it, but proceed to shoot him in between the shoulders, in the back, and in the pelvis. They place his body in a car, and later kills his secretary, Mary Trueblood. They later burn the documents gathered by Strangways, and place Strangways's body in a coffin.

After James Bond defeats Dr. No and finds Honey Rider, Bond hears the assassins approach him through the main tunnel. Suspecting they are the ones that killed Strangways, Bond feels forced to kill them in self-defense. When the blind gangsters approach them, Bond kills each of them in the head, in the stomach, and in the neck.

Film biography

When R. J. Dent tells Dr. No that John Strangways has found radioactive bits of rock from Crab Key, he orders the Three Blind Mice to kill Strangways and his secretary Mary Trueblood. They move along, pretending to be blind and as they made to Strangways' location, Strangways politely gives them a quarter and as soon as he opened his door, they shoot him with suppressed guns (Two M1911s and one a Walther P38). After they get the body away, they move on Strangways' secretary and soon remove the files about Crab Key and Dr. No.

The Three Blind Mice are also sent to kill James Bond when Mr. Jones fails to do so. They wait for him at his hotel, but they are thwarted by the arrival of a car.

3 Dead Mice

"I think they were on their way to a funeral".

When Miss Taro asks Bond to come up to her house, it is a trap so that the Blind Mice can kill him. In a dramatic car chase, Bond outsmarts the Mice, who drive over a cliff to their deaths.


  • The actors and characters are unnamed in both the film and its credits. The James Bond Encyclopedia recently released the names of all three actors of the Three Blind Mice as well as their Hearse Driver: Eric Coverly (1st Beggar), Charles Edghill (2nd Beggar), Henry Lopez (3rd Beggar) and Adrian Robinson (Hearse Driver).
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