The tiltrotor fighter aircraft is a fictional miniature VTOL tiltrotor fighter aircraft utilised by Dr. Julius No's alternate-universe underworld army. Created for the 2004 James Bond spin-off video game GoldenEye: Rogue Agent, the futuristic aircraft is encountered by the player from the Hong Kong level onward.


Utilised by Dr. Julius No's paramilitary forces during his feud with Auric Goldfinger, the unnamed miniature fighter aircraft was equipped with two wingtip-mounted tilting ducted fan propellers for flight. The fans are positioned vertically for takeoff, hovering and landing. They are rotated to a horizontal orientation for horizontal flight. Its cockpit accommodates a single pilot, underneath which are twin chin-mounted, front-firing, machine-guns. The most numerous of Dr. No's military aircraft, a more heavily armed and armoured variant is notable for being piloted by his enforcer, Xenia Onatopp at the Hoover Dam. After destroying the dam, GoldenEye makes his escape in the downed fighter.


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