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VARGR was the first Dynamite James Bond comic arc. It was written by British author Warren Ellis and illustrated by South African comic book artist, Jason Masters. Published by Dynamite Entertainment, the story was released in six issues between 4th November 2015 and 6th April 2016, and was timed to coincide with the arrival of the twenty-fourth James Bond film, Spectre.[1] A hardcover collection of the first six issues of VARGR was later published on 21st June 2016.[2]


After returning from a mission to Helsinki, Finland to avenge a fallen 008, James Bond was sent to investigate some peculiar narcotics that were making their way into the country. the CIA was also informed, and Felix Leiter directed them to an informant named Slaven Kurjak in Berlin. On his way to Berlin Station, Bond was led astray by Dharma Reach, who claimed to be from the Station and tried to kill him on the drive there. After his escape, he met with the Berlin Station Chief, before heading to Kurjakmedizin to meet with the informant Slaven Kurjak, a scientist specializing in Cybernetics. Kurjak sent Bond to a warehouse inhabited by the Al-Zein Lebanese street gang, where they were storing cocaine for export. Bond killed all of the gang members in various ways, but upon finding one only mortally wounded, he asked him about Kurjak, he revealed that they did no business with him or any other Serbian. Meanwhile, a Hazmat team discovered a drug house full of rotting corpses, and discovered that the drugs were not contaminated, but were in fact designed to eat its users from the inside out. Bond was then approached by a Bryan Masters who also claimed to be from Berlin Station, and informed Bond that the Station had been hit by the Al-Zein (when it had really been Masters on orders from Kurjak), and he took Bond to Kurjakmedizin, which had also been massacred.

After deducing what was going on, Bond attacked Masters, who proved to be impervious to most feelings. Bond was able to defeat him by giving him a morphine overdose after extracting from him the word "VARGR". Bond, who was in an examination room, was then sealed in by Kurjak, who revealed to Bond that it had been he who had created the sinister drugs, and released them into Great Britain to relive his days of experimentation as a staff member in the Serbian concentration camps. He then set the room for a deep cleaning cycle consisting of 300 degree heat decontamination and Nitrogen Dioxide jets before leaving the building. Bond escaped by shooting a hydrogen tank that he threw at the door, and returned home. M then assigned him to accompany MI5 to the docks to apprehend a shipping of the drugs, but was instead faced again with Dharma Reach, who sought revenge for her comrade. Bond was able to kill her by damaging her cybernetic hands and throwing her into the water. Bond then demanded to finish the case by traveling to Utvaer, Norway, where the decommissioned HNoMS Vargr was docked. After infiltrating the battleship, Bond rigged it with plastic explosives and killed everyone in his path to get to Kurjak. The scientist escaped the ship, but was quickly killed by Bond on the surrounding snowbanks.



Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6


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