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Verity is fictional fencing instructor to Miranda Frost and Gustav Graves at the Blades fencing club. She appears in the 2002 James Bond film, Die Another Day, and was portrayed by famous American singer and actress, Madonna, who also sang the film's title song.


During the events of Die Another Day, James Bond's investigation of North Korean intelligence operative Zao leads him to Gustav Graves; a wealthy diamond magnate. In a bid to confront Graves, Bond returns to London and visits a fencing club which he frequents with his publicist, Miranda Frost. Upon entering the club Bond meets Verity who is waiting to give him his fencing lesson.

Verity: "I see you handle your weapon well."
James Bond: "I have been known to keep my tip up."
―Bond and Verity exchange double entendres.[src]

After crossing blades and exchanging double entendres, the instructor asks Bond to help her tie her corset, as it has come undone. As Bond obliges, Verity draws Bond's attention to the 'finest blade in the club', her protégé Miranda Frost. She proudly notes that Frost took the gold medal for fencing at the Sydney Olympics. Bond interjects that she won the award by default, prompting the instructor to retort that she deserved her medal, as her opponent had overdosed on steroids.

She also explains that the only reason for Graves' presence at the club is that he plays for cash; winning so much that other members refuse to fight him. She proceeds to introduce Bond to Frost and Graves, where he challenges Bond to a wager: a duel at £1000 a point. When Graves asks if Verity would like to bet on the proceedings, she politely refuses and walks away.


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