Vernon Dobtcheff is a French actor who played the role of Max Kalba in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me. His prolific career stretches back to 1963 and he has over three hundred acting credits to his name, including appearances in Indiana Jones, The Name of the Rose (starring Sean Connery and Michael Lonsdale), The Borgias and Doctor Who, where he was the first actor to ever refer to the Time Lords by name. He also appeared as the Interrogator in the 1973 classic The Day of the Jackal and has starred in a number of productions in his native French.

In addition to his many screen appearances, Dobtcheff has a reputation of support among others in his profession. Actor Rupert Everett wrote in his 2006 autobiography that Dobtcheff was the "patron saint" of acting and would attend every opening night that he could manage.

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