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Viper was a fictional Egyptian criminal and cousin of Pharaoh Fearo. A minor character, he appeared Episode 4 ("Shifting Sands") of the 199192 spin-off animated television series, James Bond Jr. and was subsequently adapted for John Vincent's accompanying novelisation, Sandblast!


The cousin of Egyptian mastermind, Pharaoh Fearo, Viper was employed by his relative to scare intruders away from the the burial site of Pharaoh Hiphurrah and its treasure. To that end, he posed as the mummy of Pharaoh Hiphurrah, stealing the real corpse from its sarcophagus. Wrapped in bandages, with red-tinted eyes, he was accidentally buried alongside James Bond Jr.'s companions after Trevor Noseworthy triggered an artificial earthquake. He attempted to attack the terrified, suffocating group, but was prevented and unmasked by Bond.


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