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Vladimir Popov was a fictional Russian scientist and inventor employed by wealthy diamond magnate, Gustav Graves. A supporting antagonist portrayed by Russian actor, Mikhail Gorevoy, he appeared in the 2002 James Bond film, Die Another Day, and its accompanying novelization by Raymond Benson.



Vlad created the Icarus Space Program and also designed an ice dragster vehicle and an armoured battle suit that controls Icarus. Despite these notable creations, Graves is incredibly rude to Vlad, taking his accomplishments for grante but nevertheless, Vlad is unquestionably loyal to his boss.

Die Another Day (film)

Vlad is first introduced when Gustav Graves heads to his ice palace in Iceland. Graves doesn't appear to be very impressed with his ice dragster and tells Vlad to try to make it faster. Later when Bond steals the dragster making his escape from the ice palace, Graves snarls at Vlad when he rather too cheerily tells him that Bond beat his time.

Later, Vlad shows Graves the controls to use Icarus, and at Graves' request changes the controls over from something that resembles a metal suitcase, to a wearable metal suit.

Vlad is killed during the battle aboard the Antonov when Bond accidentally fires his gun, shattering one of the windows of the plane and causing the cabin to lose pressure. Vlad was blown out of the plane and fell to his death.



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