Vladimir Scorpius is the main villain of the James Bond novel, Scorpius.

Novel biography

Early life

Scorpius is believed to have been born in 1928 in Cyprus to a wealthy Greek businessman and a renegade Russian female who had escaped the Bolshevik Revolution. He later came into the attention of the British intelligence during the late 1950s by serving as an arms supplier to the EOKA, a Greek guerrilla army rebelling against British rule in Cyprus. Since then, he has been named a chief arms supplier to various terrorist organizations around the globe.

During the 1960s and 1970s, he had been married to his wife, Emerald and had a private yacht, Vladem I. In 1972, his wife died tragically in a sea accident and he later went into recluse. By 1982, he had disappeared.


Following Harriet Horner's capture, James Bond is ambushed by Sergeant Pearlman at his home, who reveals to Bond that he had been feeding Scorpius information because his daughter, Ruth, is a member of the Meek Ones and he hopes to free her from the cult. Pearlman later flies Bond out to Scorpius' island headquarters in South Carolina.

In a prayer hall, Bond witnesses Scorpius placing Horner in a hypnotic trance surrounded by multiple followers. Bond confronts Scorpius, and he is later escorted into a bedroom where he is reunited with Horner. She tells him that Scorpius plans for Bond to marry her so they can be inducted into the Society of the Meek Ones. At dinner, Scorpius reveals he had taken Trilby Shrivenham as his new wife. Additionally, he reveals he has numerous cult members ready to assassinate top-ranking British politicians including the British Prime Minister. He also later reveals to Bond that he had taken Harriet to be his godchild as a promise he kept to her father.

Bond proceeds with the marriage, and he and Horner attempt to escape the island through a marsh filled with moccasins. Horner is poisoned, and Bond is rescued by David Wolkovsky who informs that the FBI is launching a raid on Scorpius' headquarters.

Bond returns to his headquarters wanting to avenge Horner's death. Wolkowsky tells Bond to bring Scorpius alive as Bond furiously pursues him. He pursues and shoots Scorpius in the hand, arm, and foot, and forces him to die in a similar manner as Horner's. Bond lies to Wolkowsky telling him that there wasn't anything he could do to prevent Scorpius' death.

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