Whar Zin is a fictional North Korean warlord. The character was one of several primary antagonists in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage and first appeared during its Golden Rules story-line.

Game biography

After finding details of a biological weapon on Ruby Cox's hard drive, Q Branch trace a recent transmission to North Korea, where they believe satellite images have detected a bio-weapons facility. James Bond is dropped along the Yalu river, near Chosan, and makes his way across the Korean border. Posing as an arms dealer, Bond and his contact Li He dine with Whar Zin, the local warlord. During dinner Bond prevents a vengeful Li from killing Zin for brutalising a friend. Shortly afterwards Zin has his hit-woman Yana Iskakov make an attempt on Bond's life, resulting in Li's death. After defeating Iskakov in a gladiatorial death match, 007 escapes his captors and continues his investigation, discovering that Zin has created the disease which is now running rampant in the local environment. He further discovers that human testing is being performed by his lead scientist Jang-Mi Gin, on local villagers caught trying to escape across the border. Bond is taken captive by the warlord's men, where he is tortured by Iskakov.

He eventually escapes and, whilst investigating the mortality of local wildlife, Bond's newfound ally Hei Ding reveals that she had been abandoned as a child; her mother had been abducted and subsequently left for dead. Left alone by Whar Zin's men, Hei believes that she is the warlord's illegitimate child. With his men preoccupied combing the forest for Bond, the spy infiltrates Whar Zin's biological weapons laboratory to stop the spread of the disease at its source. There, he encounters Whar Zin, his armour tipped with poison-coated spikes, and the pair fight. Rather than kill him, 007 knocks Zin unconscious, noting that whoever he is working for will likely finish the job.

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