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With a Mind to Kill is the forty-first official James Bond novel and the third continuation novel to be written by English novelist and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz. Commissioned by Ian Fleming Publications, it was published by Vintage Books in May 2022.[1] The novel is set after Ian Fleming's final book The Man with the Golden Gun (1965).[1] It is the first Horowitz Bond novel not to credit Ian Fleming with "additional material."


Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers! Plot and/or ending details follow.

Horowitz said, according to IanFleming.com, "I am very excited to have started my third Bond novel with the continuing support of the Ian Fleming estate. 'Forever and a Day' looked at Bond’s first assignment. 'Trigger Mortis' was mid-career. The new book begins with the death of Scaramanga and Bond’s return from Jamaica to confront an old enemy."[1] With a Mind to Kill opens with M’s funeral. One man is missing from the graveside: the traitor who pulled the trigger and who is now in custody, accused of M’s murder – James Bond. Behind the Iron Curtain, a group of former Smersh agents want to use the British spy in an operation that will change the balance of world power. Bond is smuggled into the lion’s den – but whose orders is he following, and will he obey them when the moment of truth arrives? In a mission where treachery is all around and one false move means death, Bond must grapple with the darkest questions about himself. But not even he knows what has happened to the man he used to be.




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